Cash Management

Discover An Easy Way To Manage Your Money
Banking... Wherever, Whenever!

We have cash management services available to manage your accounts. Additionally, we offer a free online banking service, Netteller, which is downloadable onto Excel and CSV formats. We also have competitively priced merchant card services available for your business.

Courier Service

Landmark’s “Valet Banking for Business,” is a trademarked, exclusive courier service which utilizes bonded, insured, and licensed Landmark couriers to pick up deposits, deliver cash and any other needs your business may have.

Remote Capture

Landmark Community Bank was one of the first to introduce it’s “Money Machine”,” which allows business clients to make deposits from their desktops without leaving the office. This unique service provides a scanner which attaches to your computer and allows you to scan checks and make your deposit as late as 7:00 p.m. The funds from those deposits are available in your account the next business day. This service eliminates float, creates a digital image of the check for your records and improves your cash flow while eliminating that daily run to the bank before it closes. At Landmark, there is nothing to purchase. Some banks require a hardware purchase and don’t give you next day cash availability.


Bernie Popson
Deposit Sales Manager
Email | 570-718-1831

Joseph Angelella
Senior Vice President and Senior Loan Officer
Email | 570-602-4557