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Created for those who plan to build or renovate a home, interest-only construction loans are typically short-term loans with slightly higher interest rates than other types of loans.

Funds are made available in a series of partial advances as the project is completed.

Payments on these mortgages cover interest only. When construction or renovation is complete, refinancing may be arranged for a longer-term mortgage.

One Closing Construction Loan
A one-closing construction loan allows you to finance your building and permanent loans in one closing, eliminating the need to refinance when construction is complete. This type of mortgage means you can:

  • Pay closing costs once
  • Customize your loan terms based on eligibility
  • Pay interest only while construction is underway
  • Use the loan to renovate or construct an addition on your existing home
  • Lock in your interest rates up to 60 days prior to the closing.

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