Switch Kit

We make switching quick and easy!
Banking... Wherever, Whenever!

Make the Switch to Landmark!

At Landmark Community Bank we make switching accounts to our Bank quick and easy!

Just follow these four easy steps!

Step 1

After opening a Landmark Community Bank checking account, Download and print the forms and checklist found in this kit.

Step 2

Stop using your old checks.

  • Allow time for all your outstanding checks to clear and your direct deposit and automatic withdrawals to be transferred to your new account

Step 3

Transfer your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals/payments to your new Landmark Community Bank account.

Submit the following forms to your creditors:

  • Automatic Payment/Withdrawal Change Form (Form A)
  • Direct Deposit Authorization/Change Form (Form B)

Step 4

Close your old account.

  • Submit the Close Account Form (Form C) to your previous financial institution
  • Destroy all your remaining checks and deposit tickets

Welcome to Landmark Community Bank!