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Awareness is the first step to protecting your card information. Unfortunately, skimmers are becoming more prevalent today. Being aware and knowing what to look for is the first step to protecting your card information from skimmers. A skimmer typically has two components. The first part is a device that is attached over the ATM’s card slot. This device reads your card information as the card is inserted into an ATM. The second part is a small camera that is aimed at the keypad. The camera records your PIN number as you enter it. Once acquired, criminals then use the card information for cash withdrawals and fraudulent purchases.

Landmark recommends the following steps to help safeguard your card information at an ATM:

  1. Visually inspect the ATM prior to using it. Does anything look out of place? Are there signs of tampering like screwdriver marks in the frames or pieces not lining up?
  2. Jiggle the card reader. An uncompromised ATM’s card reader is very securely attached to the ATM and it won’t move. If the card reader area seems loose or damaged. Do not use the ATM.
  3. Cover the keypad with your hand while entering your PIN every time you use an ATM. This minimizes the chances of your PIN number from being recorded.
  4. Trust your instincts. If something seems off, you’re probably right. If you suspect anything suspicious with an ATM, inform the branch manager immediately.
  5. Set up transaction alerts, minimum balance alerts and other text notifications in your online banking account preferences and monitor your accounts regularly. LCB automatically enrolls all debit cards are automatically enrolled in a courtesy fraud protection plan. Contact your branch to ensure LCB has your contact information to send ATM POS fraud alerts.

Landmark Community Bank was founded in 2001 by a group of local investors. Still locally owned and locally operated, Landmark Community Bank is a local, community bank serving the banking needs of personal and business customers throughout Northeast Pennsylvania.

Landmark Community Bank is headquartered in Pittston, PA and has 6 branches located in Clarks Summit, Scranton, Pittston, Wyoming, Hazleton, and Hazle Twp., with assets in excess of $330 million.

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